Spiritual baths are a practice dedicated to cleanse and call in your intentions 

Used in practices for manifestation, abundance, energy cleanse and new love & passion 

To use this box 
First set it up with the intention you have in mind 

Create your space with music, candles, crystals 
Submerged your body and meditate or use your affirmations 

Let the water cleanse, restore & renew & reignite your energy 

Box includes

Goddess candle 

Bath salts 
Floating roses 

Smudge stick 

Which bath is right for you ?

Don’t kill my vibe - to clear negative energy and cleanse your aura of anything that no longer serves you 

Pop that p*ssy - incredible to use before a hot date or a hot night! This herb blend sets your sexual passion on fire or calls in the one you are looking to attract 
Can also be used with your beloved before hitting the sheets! 

Venus- Curated under the Venus moon 🌙 
Venus is in connection to the goddess of love, beauty and sex 
Use this blend to tap into your feminine energy and amplify your sexual essence

Spiritual Bath Ritual box





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