Your Yoni massage guide has arrived!

A gentle guide to unlocking your pleasure.

The Yoni massage .....

Let me gently guide you back to the Porscha that was ashamed of her sexuality.

I didn't want anyone to know I was more in tune with my sensuality than anything else.

Not in the sense of being promiscuous, but in the sense I was always curious about my body.

And at young age I found out the power of what it could do. ( don't miss the next blog ill be going deeper into this)

When I found out that we have the power, to not only open our portal and grab our desires, but that we can heal and empower those around us.

I became clear I wanted to teach women how to unleash this energy, with or without a partner.

So what is this that I'm talking about ?

Incase you didn't know.

You're sitting on pure magic, our birth right of creation and this doesn't mean just children. This means everything that you are connected to. This energies much like a flame, once its found its course and direction, its impossible to stop.

I know this is sounds a bit over there lol!

But I know this truly exist and myself and my clients are proof of what happens when you look at your p*ssy as a portal.

on to the deliciousness..

The Yoni massage

An ancient technique that taps into your yoniverse. (she has her own chakra system)

Not only designed to take you to an open space of pleasure that reaches the cosmos,

But is healing and sets your souls energy free too tap into your releasing of stagnant emotions, trauma and relationships that have been in your womb space since the time you were conceived as baby.

Pleasure since the beginning of time has been a gateway to enlightenment, healing and connection. Eliminating sexual shame and judgement and amplifying freedom, confidence and strength.