A small guide to the delicious treasure of the G-Spot (CUC)

Unlock new heights of pleasure through honoring your Goddess spot!

I always held allot of walls around feeling fully open.

Allot of my younger intimate relationships weren't about me, I felt like I had to prove myself and fake orgasms to help my partner feel validated (or just get it over with )

So much distrust was blocking me form fully letting go and surrendering to pleasure, when I learned how to work with my Yoni energy, I found something beyond the physical and multiple orgasms

I found blissful, connected energy that opened parts of me that I didn't know exist.

I had to share this with more women so they could feel the potential of their sacral energy.

First a little honoring of this Goddess space..

The clitoral urthea complex ( the G-Spot ) is not only about one spot or location, its about crating delicious harmony within the royal vegine!

It's about getting all pieces of the yoniverse on the same page and creating juicy cosmic energy.

So the first step is getting to know your body and releasing shame or fear around your own body.

My favorite way to do this taking a few moments out the day to connect to different parts of me.

Standing in the mirror and just saying compassionate things to yourself.

Slowly gravitating towards your Yoni and getting familiar with her.

I know it may sound uncomfortable and maybe there's some sort of new relationship you can develop with your body and at least learn genuine acceptance

The next thing is developing a sacred pleasure ritual

This can be done in whichever way feels empowering to you, with or without a partner.

Remember the important thing here is to feel into your body, allowing physical or even energetic orgasm to flow.