Updated: May 17

First things first!! Yes we have a blog, its new and I am so excited to put all the juicy stuff here, so watch those emails so you can stay getting all the good stuff!!

This week I wanted to focus on the topic of creating some magic after things have been rocky and feel well.... Too comfortable.

The moment where you love them but it doesn't quite feel the same, life has taken its toll and although you are in love, between all the requirements of life you both have forgotten.

What it feels like to just lay and bed and enjoy the sounds of each others breathing, what its like to get butterflies during long conversations or those little " Just saying "Hi" text every hour.

I know it's not intentional we fall head over heels and as life continues we try to squeeze in a dash of normalcy and the constant interruption causes attention to drift. Truth be told I have been here, after having a wild life as an entertainer I found myself right dab in the middle of raising 2 boys full time and becoming pregnant with my daughter. I absolutely love being at home with my kids, but it soon became days where I stopped even showing up for myself.


I'd get up feed the baby, get the boys ready, take one to school, feed the other breakfast and before I even looked up it was 3:00 in the afternoon, I hadn't showered ( sometimes forgot to brush my teeth) and just felt like I was on this hamster wheel of the same day to day activities.

My partner and I tried to get a few moments alone, but with his work schedule, ,my new business and a newborn, it soon became short mornings and movie night attempts with one or both people falling asleep.

The very thing we both loved and shared in our relationship had become almost absent, not to mention our own personal transition with the relationship with ourselves and me especially learning to love and understand my body after having my third baby.

My partner and I have had I to find ourselves again within the relationship, especially with sex and communication, I hope that this guide is helpful to those that feel they could use a boost and a little reconnection.


This step is acknowledging within the relationship where there might be some emotional gaps.