You get to say yes to passion, a thriving sex life AND owning your sexual power...


You get to feel acceptance, love, confidence in your body AND say hell YES to your pleasure in and outside of the bedroom.


Your pussy, Your Yoni, Your Vagina 

Is a portal of power.

Here to create and birth the sh*t out of life, your business, and your relationships...


- toxic relationship patterns

- unsatisfying sex

- feeling stagnant in life


- dry in your money and pussy


These things all point towards another healing that still needs to take place..


(P.S. All the areas of your life were meant to be orgasmic - that is what a healed relationship with your sexuality creates.)


Tell me if this is you: 



 - You find yourself disconnected from pleasure and deep down craving something more.


- Your uncomfortability with your PUSSY is causing you to shrink in TOO many ways - in too many different areas of your life


- unhealed sexual trauma is affecting how you show up to life and your confidence level


-You often find yourself wanting a life of more ...


More money

More desire 

More and more intimacy

Especially more intimacy 


If it does sound like you - this course and group experience is for you. We are going to re-activate the power of your womb to create the pleasure that you know you deserve. 


We go through 4 pillars in this experience:


1.Pussy spiritual and physical rejuvenation

2.Pussy activation 

3.Pussy Portal

4.Majestic Pussy 


How will it work: 


We meet each week for a live group call where I coach you personally though your unique womb/sexuality healing PLUS you will also receive weekly course content


Module 1


Clearing Womb Energy and Negative Relationships to sexuality: 


This week we heal your womb so that you no longer feel at war with your body and sexuality. Once you are fully integrated and healed from the traumas that once controlled you, you can use your sexuality to healthily improve everything about your experience.


Module 2 


Amplifying self-love and Sexual Power


In this module, we clear away the lack of worthiness residue that may be keeping you from fully thriving in your life and relationships. Most people think that they can skip out on this work - until the other areas of their life suffers. Don’t be most people. 


Module 3


Womb Manifestation 


Here, I teach you the tools to amplify your manifestation process for a more smooth life flow (this is an inner change, not based on outer reality). You have access to a powerful co-creative center within you that you can use to speed up and amplify the manifestation of your desires. I am going to teach you how I have used these tools to manifest a profitable business, loving relationship, and more.



Module 4


Full Embodiment


In this module, we take all that you have learned and infuse it into your life/career/business with practical rituals and actions that create deep and long lasting transformation. 


Your pussy is a portal to a power that can completely change your life when purified and used consciously instead of allowing it to create toxicity for you - chose to heal and create wellbeing.


Delicious right ??

(If so, you wanna click the button below to snag one of the 6 spots before the run out!)


Are you ready Pussy Queen .... ?


Group Experience begins DEC. 15. 2020 - sign up below for a sales call where I can answer any of your questions.


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Frequently asked questions

How long is this mastermind?

This mastermind is a 90 day course 1 1:1 on call a month 1 group call weekly video guidance weekly All participants are required to sign a NDA for the safety of the container

Is this course about sex?

This course is designed to help you reconnect to your higher self, to give you the tools to heal past relationship experiences, amplify your inner power and increase the connection to your sexuality. The actual sex will just happen, but that isnt the focus of this mastermind.

How does ths mastermind work?

I will be guiding you by Pre recorded P*ssy talks around each module subject (lecture) Pre recorded mediations, Journal prompts, practices and tools to increase the embodiment of this work! Group calls : Module focus will be broken down into an intimate call with me (one per week) We will work through the blockages together to acheive the desired result, in a safe conatiner Followed by a guided practice and other body mind tools to integrate this work In addition to your group calls Your private 1: Sessions will be scheduled on the 1st of every month This is where we will address the emotional debri and a time to connect with me to expand on what may be arising for you while you navigate this program

Are payment plans available?

Nope once you click the link it will take you to the page with various payment options

How long will I get access to this content

You will have lifetime access to the course vidoes and guided practices

How long is this course available?

The cart ends for this course on the 15th of Dec 2020! So if youre ready to say yes to all of you P power this is the time to let that cat shine!!

Will I get private access to you?

Oh yess! Everyones process is different, I give all my clients my voxxer information to connect to me privately

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Feminine Testimonial Instagram Post Temp